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Need heating installation or repair for your home residence? Give Triangle Contractors a call today. Our team of licensed HVAC professionals can install or repair any brand. Plus, we’ve been providing reliable heating solutions for our customer since 1977. In addition, we have financing options for when you need more time to pay but need heat quick. Give us a call and speak to one of our comfort specialists.

Heating Installation and Repair

Get Triangle Contractors to Install the Natural Warmth of a Gas Furnace

Get quick turnaround time on a new natural gas furnace installation from Triangle Contractors. Our team of HVAC experts can install and repair any brand of natural gas furnace. For any home installation, we’ll want to inspect the area first. Our HVAC comfort specialists will need to size your unit so that it functions correctly within your home and gives you the warm you expect air when you need it. Furthermore, Triangle Contractors will want to ensure that your ductwork can provide proper airflow too. Plus, we’ll check all your gas piping and electrical installation to ensure that everything can operate to code—including any PVC drains that are needed.

Triangle contractors will also remove your old equipment and dispose of these pieces properly and according to EPA guidelines.

Oil Heating Furnaces

Triangle Contractors Can Install and Repair Oil Furnaces

Although not as popular as natural gas furnaces, oil furnaces are still available, and Triangle Contractors can install and repair them. While most installations we do are in the mountain and foothill regions in North Carolina, oil furnaces are efficient. Typically, oil furnaces will cost a bit less than a natural gas furnace option, but fuel will cost more. However, if you are looking for real warmth, oil furnaces do provide a high BTU—even more so than natural gas.

If you are thinking about an oil furnace, give Triangle Contractors a call. In these cases, it’s best to speak to a comfort specialist.

Gas/Oil Conversions

Triangle Contractors Provides Gas and Oil Heat Conversions

Here in the south, we have lovely historic Victorian homes, and they are gorgeous. However, when it comes to heating, you may be dealing with some less than desirable older HVAC equipment.

Triangle Contractors has been converting older oil burning heating systems over to natural gas or a heat pump solution. Plus, we can even install ductless mini-split systems for when ductwork is not an option. No matter what the historic set-up is, Triangle Contractors can install a modern more efficient HVAC solution.

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