Fabrication & Metalwork

Custom Metalwork for Machined Parts and Manufacturing

Since 1977, Triangle Contractors has been a supplier of custom metalworks and machined parts. With a large manufacturing and sheet metal supplier, our team of fabricators can custom build any metal part. Plus, Triangle Contractors has an advantage of being able to provide an array of services like design work, CNC machining, welding, manufacturing, and repairs.
Cutting & Bending

Complete Metal Cutting and Bending Services

Triangle Contractors provides metal bending and cutting services. We can bend metal into specific angle or shapes using special machines that can deliver the desired bend without cracking. Furthermore, Triangle Contractors can provide precision metal cutting with machine cutting. Plus, we provide a smooth finish—even on the edges with extremely low tolerances.

Custom Welding for Your Next Metal Project

At Triangle Contractors, our experienced welders provide quality welding for even the most complex applications. Certified within their craft, our team of welders can work with an array of metals like aluminum, stainless still, carbon, and copper, and other metals.
Duct Fabrication & Manufacturing

Custom Ductwork is Triangle Contractors Specialty

Triangle Contractors are the PROs to KNOW when it comes to HVAC ductwork and other HVAC components. Our team of fabricators understand that spaces for airflow can be somewhat tricky and unique depending on the project. Thus, there may be a need for a special duct or bend to make airflow possible. Plus, we can provide light gauge metal, which is common in HVAC projects.

Our team can help design, fabricate, and deliver your project. Furthermore, if you need installation, we have crews for that too. Triangle Contractors manufacturers ductwork for projects of all sizes from modest homes all the way to large commercial projects. Give us a call today and we’ll get started.

Complete Metal Fabrication Services

If your next project calls for sheet metal fabrication, cutting, bending, or welding, give Triangle Contractors a call. Our team of metal working specialists will be glad to discuss your application.
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