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Triangle Contractors are the PROs to KNOW when it comes to commercial plumbing new installs and service issues. Triangle Contractors has been servicing Charlotte, Greensboro, Mooresville, Morganton, Statesville, Asheville, Winston-Salem and surrounding areas for almost fifty years. Our licensed plumbing professionals can quickly inspect your plumbing and diagnose as well as make any repair. Plus, Triangle Contractors offers an array of services for all your plumbing needs.

Our team of professionals have been installing commercial plumbing since 1977. We know what it takes to complete a project on-time and within budget.

Application Design

Expert Design & Installation

At Triangle Contractors, our team of licensed plumbers can provide detailed plumbing designs for your new greenfield, expansion, or retrofit project. Our team of plumbing professionals can design your plumbing application to code, pull the necessary permits and perform the install. Everything from one-source is what Triangle Contractors provides. Our team uses the latest in software design to ensure that your commercial build is designed to perfection.
Breakroom Plumbing / Hot Water Tanks / Restroom

Commercial Breakroom Plumbing Implementation and Repair

Triangle Contractors can design and install all breakroom and restroom requirements within both North Carolina code and city code for Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Asheville, Statesville, Hickory, and surrounding cities. Our team of plumbing experts can design and install ADA compliant accommodations for restrooms, kitchen sinks, and other commercial breakroom needs for your facility. In addition, Triangle Contractors can install tankless water heaters to help save money. Give our team a call today, and let’s get started on your project. 

We provide installation and repair on the following:


Say Goodbye to Unwanted Backflows

Many older or commercial systems aren’t equipped with a backflow preventor or if there is a break in the line, backflows can happen. When it does, it can create quite a mess. Plus, it can contaminate clean drinking water. It’s not only caused by breaks, but also by pressure changes in the pipes. Think about a fire hydrant is opened, it can create a rather large pressure change in the water flow. Plus, contaminates like fertilizers, human waste, chlorine from pools, soaps and detergents among others can get back into your buildings drinking water or manufacturing process.

Triangle Contractors can install and maintain a backflow prevention system. Our licensed plumbers can ensure that your annual backflow water testing is ready for inspection. Plus, our team can handle any repairs should the need arise, and we offer 24/7 emergency repair service.

Drain Cleaning / Hydrojetting

Commercial Drain Cleaning in Charlotte, Mooresville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Asheville, and Surrounding Areas

Triangle Contractors has the experience and the equipment to get your job done right. Our team of professionals has the latest in camera technology to quickly diagnose the issue and the equipment to fix it quickly. We also have hydro jetting equipment to clean pipes and remove clogs faster than using a drain snake. Plus, we can also perform hydro jetting on sewer lines as well to clear blocked drains.
Expansion Tank

Get Expansion Tank Installed for your Application Process

Triangle Contractors can also install expansion tanks for non-potable water. Many manufacturing processes create excess water and harnessing that water can be crucial to prevent backflows. Thus, Triangle Contractors can design an expansion tank process and install where needed.

Grease Trap Install & Repair

Call Triangle Contractors for Grease Traps and Commercial Plumbing

Restaurants are known to get buildup of grease from animal fats, oils, and dairy products. Clogs can happen at any time without a proper grease trap. Triangle Contractors can install and do regular maintenance to avoid unnecessary shutdowns of your business.

Plus, Triangle Contractors work on all three of the most common types of grease traps, which are:

In addition, our team can perform trap pumping when needed. Give us a call and our team of licensed professional can repair, install, or replace your grease trap today.
Pipe Repair & Repiping

Commercial Pipe Repair and Repiping

Triangle Contractors are the PROs to KNOW when it comes to repiping a facility. Many times, the tell-tell signs are there. Plus, if your facility was erected before the 70s, chances are, you need it repiped.

Over time, pipes can get clogged with debris, mold growth can form, and leaks start to happen. While some operations find it hard to shutdown to perform repiping, Triangle Contractors can design and phase in new piping by section. If you’ve experienced any of the following, it’s time to start discussing the best time for a project.

While repiping can be seen as an upgrade, many times it’s required to pass inspection if the building is sold. Give Triangle Contractors a call today, and let’s discuss your commercial plumbing upfit.
Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Plumbing Projects

At Triangle Contractors, we know that uptime means everything when running a business. There isn’t time for mishaps like clogs, low water pressure, or a faulty toilet. This is why Triangle Contractors provides maintenance plans to keep your commercial plumbing running smoothly.

Our team of professionals will come out and inspect the following:

Give us a call and we’ll come and assess your facility along with providing the right protocol for your operation.

Get the PROs to KNOW when it comes to your commercial plumbing projects.

Triangle Contractors are the PROs to KNOW when it comes to plumbing applications. Our team of licensed plumbers have done hundreds of installations and repairs. From grease traps to hydro jetting and sprinkler systems, Triangle Contractors is the commercial plumbing team to call.

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