Professional Installation for Commercial HVAC, Electrical, Gas & Propane, and Plumbing Applications

Triangle Contractors are the PROs to KNOW when it comes to commercial projects. Applications that involve heavy duty installation or dismantle takes a company who has experience and equipment to meet your requirements. Triangle Contractors has been servicing medium to large scale commercial projects since 1977. Our team of experts understands the challenges that can come when implementing or designing a solution.

Our team provides the following services:

Triangle Contractors Provides an Array of Commercial Applications for Various Industries

Since our start in 1977, Triangle Contractors has serviced numerous commercial clients from small business offices to large corporations, and various organizations. Our team of professionals handles everything from office buildings, education facilities, municipalities, hospitality, hospitals and medical facilities, manufacturing, restaurants, and retail. Our services span electrical, gas and propane needs as well as the HVAC and plumbing. Plus, we offer specific solutions to challenges that our customers face when starting a business, retrofitting, or during daily operations.

Our team provides services in the following industries:

Business/Office Buildings

HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing

Triangle Contractors provides air purification systems, HVAC systems, controls for humidity and dehumidification systems. Plus, we also handle electrical and plumbing for breakrooms, restrooms, etc. Triangle Contractors offers preventive maintenance solutions for businesses and property management companies.

Education Facilities

Air Purification and Monitoring

Schools require a knowledge of understanding proper ventilation and energy efficient systems that are cost efficient to operate. Plus, smoke detection and CO2 monitoring systems are needed to ensure the safety of faculty and students alike. Air quality is needed for each classroom and common areas. Plus, cafeterias also need proper draining and grease traps along with ventilation.

Faith Based Organizations

Heating & Cooling Solutions

Here in the southeast, our faith runs deep, and church services can go a little longer here in North Carolina. This is why Triangle Services provides HVAC, electrical, and plumbing services to religious organizations at reasonable pricing.

Beauty & Comfort

With the onset of vacation rentals, boutique hotels, and tourism facilities, Triangle Contractors provides preventive maintenance programs that give a level of comfort knowing that your guests are comfortable and can relax day and night. Plus, our team of professionals are on-call should something go awry in the night.
Hospital and Medical Centers

Surgical Lighting & Air Filtration

From air purification systems to surgical rooms, Triangle Contractors has implemented an array of solutions for hospitals, medical facilities, and surgical centers. Our team of experts understand how critical it is to provide clean air and keep humidity at bay. Plus, we also provide lighting designs that help illuminate workspaces to ensure proper protocol.

PLC Controls & Commissioning

Heavy industrial applications call for special solutions like material handling, rigging, and even PLC controls set-up. Triangle Contractors is well equipped to set-up machinery, commission it, and provide handover after testing. In addition, we’re available for repairs and provide millwright work too.

Backup Power Generators

Supplying adequate HVAC solutions, water systems, and electrical services to manufacturing facilities has been a mainstay for Triangle Contractors. Our team has implemented more backup generators, energy efficient HVAC systems, and water recirculation systems for an array of production facilities.
Pharmaceutical / Lifesciences

Clean Rooms & Climate Control

Regulated manufacturing calls for stringent solutions when it comes to providing product or researching life changing breakthroughs. With Triangle Contractors, our team is experienced with clean rooms, air purification solutions, and climate control. Plus, we offer power generation solutions for applications that must stay in operation.

Grease Traps & Restrooms

Need ventilation, exhaust fans, or grease traps installed or repaired? Triangle Contractors can help. Plus, we offer plumbing solutions for restrooms, kitchens, and electrical solutions for commercial establishments.

Mood Enhancing & Lighting Displays

From large department stores to grocery or boutique shops, Triangle Contractors provides an array of services. Commercial HVAC scenting machines and aroma diffusers, special lighting for point of purchase displays or to set the mood, wiring for ambient music, and of course adequate plumbing for restroom facilities or drainage for displays. Give us a call and we’ll help you set the right kind of mood for your customers.

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