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Commercial Gas Piping Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services

It’s important to know that if you smell gas, please leave the facility or area and call your local gas utility provider. From there, feel free to give Triangle Contractors a call. Our services provide repairs, maintenance, and piping installation services for new greenfield builds, expansions, or retrofits. Given that we’ve been in business for almost 50 years, our team of professionals have the knowledge and know what it takes to ensure that everything with your gas application is done correctly and that any maintenance or repairs are done to code and work properly.

Who’s Responsible, The Gas Company or Your Organization?

Many people don’t realize that they are responsible for gas lines that run from the meter to the facility. If you experience a problem with any line from the meter or within your facility, give Triangle Contractors a call. We provide 24/7 emergency service and can respond quickly to any issue that may arise.

Gas Piping

Repiping or Replacing Old Gas Lines

Aging gas lines can become a problem. Gas pipes are built to last approximately 30 to 50 years, but then the material does start to break down and corrode. From there, leaks start to happen. It’s best to be proactive and get everything replaced before issues arise. However, that’s not always an option for operations that run 24/7. It may be best to run a completely new line and then switchover so that downtime is minimized. Triangle Contractors can help provide a seamless transition. Our team can help talk you through the options needed for a solution that is right for your organization.

Gas Fired Heaters
Tubular Infrared Heaters
Propane/Gas Logs

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Triangle Contractors are the PROs to KNOW when it comes to gas and propane installations. Our team has worked on various projects that include commercial gas heat, manufacturing production, restaurants, hospitals and laboratories, education facilities, and hospitality. If you have a gas or propane project to discuss, give us a call.
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