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Complete Commercial HVAC Services for Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheville, Hickory, and Surrounding Areas

Since 1977, Triangle Contractors has been the go-to HVAC company for all things related to commercial HVAC systems in North Carolina. From load calculations and design, to installation, air purification systems, chillers, clean rooms, ventilation, and of course heating and air. Plus, Triangle Contractors provides maintenance options so employees and clients can stay cool or cozy all year long, and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance details.

At Triangle Contractors, we’ve provided commercial heating and cooling to an array of businesses and industrial facilities across North Carolina. Our work spans the Charlotte and Greensboro areas along with Asheville, Mooresville, Statesville, Boone, Burlington, and Winston-Salem. Our team of licensed HVAC professionals have done projects for business offices, education facilities, faith-based organizations, hospitality, hospitals and medical centers, large industrial and manufacturing, pharmaceutical, restaurants, and retail storefronts. Given that Triangle Contractors has been in business for almost fifty years, we’ve probably done something just like your project too. In fact, our complete list of services for commercial heating and air are:

Load Calculation & Design

Triangle Contractors Provides Load Calculations for Commercial Buildings and Commercial HVAC Design

Our team of HVAC experts have been working with project engineering teams just like yours to handle the heavy lifting when it comes to HVAC and HVACR load calculations and design work. We handle complete installation of HVAC heating and cooling systems, refrigeration systems, and air purification systems along with ventilation and CO2 and smoke detection monitoring systems.

To understand what type of commercial HVAC system you need for installation, the up-front work must be done correctly and by a professional who works within commercial HVAC or HVACR installation. Triangle Contractors has done everything from the simple to large-scale heavy industrial HVAC and HVACR calculations. Designing for a larger facility is quite a bit different so you shouldn’t rely on a residential HVAC company. The main differences are the functionality of the building, imagine the needs of a restaurant versus an office building. Two completely different use cases whereas a restaurant needs to have special ventilation, etc.

Then, there is the difference in system types too. HVAC systems in commercial buildings are a lot more complex and could include chillers, packaged rooftop units, etc. Plus, commercial buildings have a very different makeup in the various types of construction materials versus residential. Metal frames, curtain walls, drop ceilings, glass, etc. are all typically found in commercial projects. Plus, more lighting is used in commercial spaces or perhaps the manufacturing methods may put out more heat than a normal facility.

Finally, when it comes to load calculation and design, building codes are more stringent than residential and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) provide standards for commercial load calculations and detailed methodologies for obtaining them.

Cooling Services

Complete Air Conditioning Services for Commercial Facilities

Triangle Contractors provides an array of air conditioning needs for commercial HVAC projects. We install all types of systems, brands, makes, and models. Plus, we even install ductless mini-splits for smaller or historical buildings where ductwork isn’t always an option. Triangle Contractors also provides 24/7 emergency repair service and offers commercial clients preventive maintenance options to ensure that your system is operating every day, all day long. Keeping your clients, customers, and employees comfortable during work and business hours is a priority for us.

Cooling Towers

Professional Cooling Tower Installation and Repair Services in North Carolina

When it comes to large-scale HVAC projects, cooling towers are typically associated. Triangle Contractors are equipped to install, repair, and we’re experienced in HVAC/R contracting work. We’ve been doing cooling towers since 1977, and we’re equipped to handle all your cooling tower needs including replacement, cleaning, maintenance, and inspections. Our team of HVACR professionals are fully licensed technicians who have the knowledge for your large-scale project. Plus, we have the equipment needed for larger projects that require fabrication, delivery, and install. Not just any HVAC contractor can handle these types of projects, so it’s best to turn to the PROS who KNOW. We can provide installation and maintenance on an array of cooling tower types and brands. Give our commercial department a call to discuss your application.

Complete Chiller Services for all HVAC, Mechanical Systems, and Process Cooling Applications

Triangle Contractors is also your complete source for providing and implementing both air and water chiller projects. Given that there are two different types of process chillers, vapor absorption, and vapor compression, it’s good to know that Triangle Contractors can provide and integrate either type. However, vapor compression chillers are more common and include both air and water or fluid chillers.

There is even a subcategory on the compressor side, which includes:

Chiller units are refrigerant system that aid in the cooling of large multi-family residential and commercial spaces including industrial operations. Triangle Contractors provide factory-trained technicians that can install, repair, and service all chiller types and brands you trust like Train, Carrier, Mitsubishi Electric, and York.
Air Purification Systems

Commercial Grade Air Purification Systems

Even before the pandemic, Triangle Contractors were the go-to commercial HVAC company for air purification systems. Providing clean air to commercial buildings is a must today, and Triangle Contractors can supply and install everything from whole-building air purification systems, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers. Plus, we provide both UV light systems and HEPA commercial grade dust collecting filters that work with your building’s HVAC system. In addition, Triangle Contractors offers products that destroy viruses, bacteria, odors, and mold for your employees, clients, patients, and students. Whatever your need, give Triangle Contractors a call and let’s discuss. Our team of experienced commercial HVAC professionals understand what it takes to delivery clean air.

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If you have an HVAC project that calls for commercial grade systems and installation, give Triangle Contractors a call. We’ve been installing commercial HVAC and HVAC/R systems since 1977. We can install your project too.
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